First impressions: Ghostbusters

This is a game I just knew was going to suck. It’s not that many games based on movies that do well and this licence has been sitting almost 20 years with little to no activity. However I am really surprised at how well it plays! Even when I read awhile back that this would be the definitive 3rd movie (actually now there is talk that a ‘real celluloid’ movie coming) I wondered how they would pull this off. I must say that using the writing as well as voice talents of the Ghostbusters cast makes this a great game to get into. Any company that wants to use a movie licence to make a game really should take notes on how to create an immersive story.

Moving right along, I really love the fact that there is no HUD clogging up the screen with useless info, some really tight graphics and again great banter among the cast DURING the course of the game. Any of the reviews you probably read are already spot on. This game keeps you busy. You can upograde your proton pack, scan for ghosts to get nto your Spirit guide etc.
My only complain of course is that in the game you can’t control your favorite Ghostbuster unless you play it in MP mode which also handles pretty well.
IN some places it feel repetitive because you are actually ‘killing’ some spirits as opposed to actually trapping them but part of the fun of course is some of the bigger bosses.

The set peices are also impressive and help for the immersion experience. There are a few plotholes in the game which I won’t give away which might spoil some people’s fun but what I would recommend is watching the movies again and catch some stuff you may have missed or didn’t get which will make this game all the more enjoyable!

Pick this game up and happy Ghostbusting!

4 out of 5 stars By: DreddheadedPoet


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