Sony unveils super slim PlayStation 3

by Christopher MacManus
September 18, 2012 10:56 PM PDT VIA [CNET]

The newest PlayStation 3 on the block. (Click to enlarge.)

(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment America)

Sony unveiled a smaller, lighter PlayStation 3 at the Tokyo Game Show on Wednesday, a redesign of its aging console that sports a thinner look and larger hard drive capacities.

Two flavors of the redesigned PS3 arrive this fall in the U.S.: a $269 250GB super slim PS3 option lands on September 25 that includes Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (game of the year edition) and downloadable content for Dust 514; a $299 500GB slimmer PS3 version sneaks in on October 30 and comes bundled with Assassin’s Creed III.

The new PS3 comes to the U.S. first in a 250GB Uncharted 3 bundle. Take note of the new silver stand for vertical placement. (Click to enlarge.)

(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment America)

According to the PlayStation blog , the new PS3 design sits 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the existing model. Officially, the super slim PS3 weighs 1.1 pounds less than its predecessor and loses several inches in depth and height. Think of it as a lovechild between the previous two hardware iterations. The aesthetics appear rather low-key, with minor gloss near the edges and a ridged top panel. For the first time, the new PS3 does not use a slot-loading disc drive but instead a sliding door panel to top load discs. Another key change includes the overall power consumption, which drops from 200W to 190W.

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In other territories, gamers can buy the aforementioned packages on September 28, with an additional option for a super slim PS3 that contains a 12GB flash hard drive (and room to expand via an official mounting bracket). No word if that SSD-equipped model arrives in the States, which seems unlikely as it went unmentioned by PlayStation’s U.S. arm. We also spotted a white super slim PS3coming to Japan in late November with no word of release outside of Sony’s motherland.

The emergence of a slimmer PS3 verifies a leak from the Brazilian FCC that emerged in July , which also accurately stated the hard drive capacities that arrived today.

The super slim PS3 definitely toned down a bit, coming in at 11.4 inches wide by 2.36 inches tall by 9.05 inches deep. Compare that to the PS3 slim’s dimensions of 11.4 inches wide by 2.55 inches tall by 11.4 inches deep. (Click to enlarge.)

(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment America)

PSN Outage Begins To Hit Retail | Edge Magazine


PSN Outage Begins To Hit Retail

By Nathan Brown  on  May 12, 2011

PSN Outage Begins To Hit Retail | Edge Magazine

Gamer patience begins to wear thin as retailers report increased trade-ins of PS3 consoles for Xbox 360s.

The ongoing PlayStation Network outage is beginning to have an effect on the high street, Edge can reveal.

Our sources indicate a growing trend of PS3 consoles being traded in for cash or Xbox 360s, slumping sales of PSN points cards and a shift in the ratio of multiplatform game sales and pre-orders away from PS3.

“In the first week of downtime we did not really see any major change in sales or trades,” says one source, a store manager at a major UK retailer speaking on condition of anonymity. “However from the second week onwards we have seen an increase of over 200 per cent on PS3 consoles being traded in, split almost 50/50 between those trading for cash and those taking a 360 instead.”

Another source, working for an independent retailer in the South West, said he had seen a “massive increase” in the volume of PS3s traded in in recent weeks, with most exchanging for an Xbox 360. He describes those trading in their PS3s as “the hardcore online shooter crowd” – players who spend most of their gaming time playing the same game online, and who are therefore greatly impacted by the outage.

Tom Mestdagh, of Belgian indie Gameswap – the only retailer we spoke to happy to go on the record – agrees. “At the end of each month people come to sell their consoles,” he tells us. “People that need money [to pay bills]. What’s different this time around is that that they are bringing in PS3s together with all their games and they don’t want money, they want an Xbox 360. In every case it is because of Black Ops and or Modern Warfare 2.

“We’re just ten days into the month and already we have an increase of 200 per cent in PS3s coming into the store compared to all of March. Normally we sell them really fast, but not this time. We’ve only sold 30 to 40 per cent of our inventory right now.”

The outage is also affecting game-buying habits, with all of our sources reporting increased levels of trade-ins of Call Of Duty: Black Ops for PS3, with the Xbox 360 release relatively thin on the ground.

It is a fact borne out by the recent UK all-formats software charts. In the week ending March 16, 49 per cent of sales of Black Ops were for Xbox 360, with 37 per cent buying the PS3 version. The following week PS3 sales actually increased, split 52/40 in PS3’s favour.

Sony took PS3 offline on April 20, and informed consumers of the breach on April 26. The difference in sales figures since is telling: in the week ending April 30, Black Ops sales were split 59/30 per cent in Xbox 360’s favour; last week the distance grew even further, with 66 per cent of sales on Xbox 360, and a mere 24 per cent of buyers taking the PS3 version.

The same pattern can be seen in sales of FIFA 11, another hugely popular online title. In the week ending April 16, the split was 49/37 per cent in Xbox 360’s favour, 46/34 the week after, 52/26 in the week ending April 30 and 49/21 last week.

Our high street source reports that “pre-orders have been cancelled and flipped over to 360 versions of games,” with Mestdagh telling us: “People are cancelling their order of Brink for PS3. People that have an Xbox 360 have switched their pre-orders – others are just cancelling entirely.” Sales of PSN points cards, too, have plummeted over the past couple of weeks.

Perhaps the biggest shift, though, has been in customer satisfaction. Our high street source explains: “A lot of people have been phoning asking us about personal details on PSN as they are struggling to get a response from Sony themselves. Overall, people that have traded with us seem annoyed at how Sony has handled all of this, and say they would not trust them with details again in the future.”

Another source, who works for an independent retailer in northern England, says he has not noticed any significant increase in PS3 consoles being traded in, but said: “All we’ve seen is an incredible amount of disgruntled people annoyed that they can’t play online.” Mestdagh says that those who normally drop in for a spot of friendly console warfare “have stopped complaining about the fact that Microsoft charges for Xbox Live. It used to be a big problem for most of our PS3 customers.”

Of course, it must be noted that this is a small sample, and it seems that only those desperate for their online fix have taken the drastic step of ditching their PS3s entirely, but it is telling nonetheless.

UK hardware sales are rarely reported or broken down by platform, and Game, the UK’s biggest specialist retailer, failed to respond to a request for comment. As such we may never form a true picture of just how severely the PSN outage is affecting retailers, or those who are the most affected by the downtime, who have rarely been considered by media coverage to date: gamers.

The Holiday BS is already starting…

I’ve seen on a few sites today that Sony is talking PS3 shortages for the holiday season.    To me this seems like a load of BS a mile and 1/2 long.   the PS3 has been out for 3 years and the Slim has been released.  What does this mean?    It means that Sony has figured out all the manufacturing of the system to allow for high speed production which is what allows a price drop in the first place.  (well and someone playing with the numbers saying that it’s OK now to drop the price.)

So saying NOW there’s going to be a shortage is complete BS.   What this really means is that Sony wants to see a better holiday season so they are telling the public that they can’t get one in order to jack up the ‘want’ and ‘desire’ of the gamer  to entice them to buy.

So don’t say tell the public that there is going to be a shortage.  tell them the truth.

“In order to get you to want to buy a PS3 we are going to hold back some of our inventory this holiday season.  Feel free to beat up the grandma buying an X-Station for her grandson.”

Though I think Sony should come up with their own marketing.. first they where pulling an ‘Apple’ with the PS3.. now they are pulling a Nintendo with the Wii.   And M$.. well they are just sitting back saying HA!  We’ve got HALO.

Marketing sucks!

Sony to drop the Blu-ray from a PS3?

I was talking with one of my gaming friends over the weekend and somebody set up us the bomb on this one. According to this rumor, Sony is working on a new marketing strategy and system.

In order to get the PS3 more market saturation and order to compete in the casual gaming [PogoWolf: Nintendo, Natal, and that whole motion controller thing] market Sony is working on a new SKU for the slim PS3 that removes the Blu-Ray player itself.

This new SKU removes the most expensive part of the PS3 allowing Sony to drop the price to around $150 and still leave most of the standard PS3 hardware.    I was informed that this new version will also be available in an array of colors and what are being called “tattoos” (skins) for the system and that the first release model will be in white to differentiate the system from the full PS3 SKUs.
It was also been stated that Sony will release a piggy-back Blu-ray player for this new SKU sometime after launch.  It will connect to the system via the USB port and will offer a full Blu-ray movies and gaming experience. [PogoWolf:  Think of the HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360]

This ‘arcade’ version of the PS3 will connect to the PSN, using the built in Wi-Fi in order to download games and demos.  Some of the smaller PS3 games might even show up on the PSN for these ‘Arcade’ users.  I was also informed that Sony is looking into allowing users, using a code, to ‘store’ their digital copy of a movie they have bought for streaming from the PSN.

However in order to cover the costs of the bandwidth needed to download Blu-Ray based games Sony is to create a new ‘Platinum’ pay for version of the PSN for Arcade customers    The standard PSN will still be free but the Platinum version will offer premium content and exclusives not available to the free PSN customers and will cost about $49.99 for a full year.

Most likely this is complete BS…

But it’s really not a bad idea. It would be the first console to go to a complete digital delivery way of distributing its games and content. Granted downloading full 25gig games would be a bit of a bitch. However, it’s known that a lot of space on the Blu-Rays are duplicate files to help load times and no compression on audio and textures because there’s all that extra room. Remove the redundant files and compress not only the audio and textures (lossless mind you) but then ‘ZIP’ the package.. and even the downloads shouldn’t be too bad. Hell Sony might even be able to stream the games to the system the same way sites like GameTap does.

MAG Public Beta enrollment begins

MAG Public Beta enrollment begins

via Joystiq – ULTRAFEED by Andrew Yoon on 8/12/09

A lucky few individuals will discover this invite for the MAG beta in their inboxes. The e-mail includes a unique code used to access a closed application form. According to the beta enrollment page, Sony “will be adding people in waves.” If you don’t see an invite in your inbox right now, don’t worry: you may be invited later. “If you do not receive an invite for the first wave you may still be invited in a following MAG Public Beta wave.”

Sony has already conducted a closed beta for MAG for over a month. The expansion of the beta to the public gives us hope that maybe — just maybe — we’ll be able to see MAG‘s 256-player online battles hitting the PS3 sooner rather than later.

MAG Public Beta enrollment begins originally appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 12 Aug 2009 13:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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