Playstation Home revamp…

I find it funny that Sony is revamping Home to be more like an MMO.  Something that should have been done in the first place.
the revamp is to include game themed zones where you will take part in an over-arching storyline along with treasure hunts and other social gaming aspects.    hopefully you can ride the rides in the amusement Park area when the update goes live this fall.

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Home 1.3 update freezing systems, workaround offered

via Joystiq – ULTRAFEED by Andrew Yoon on 10/2/09

The biggest update to PlayStation Home since its public beta debut went live not too long ago. However, the transition hasn’t been as smooth as many hoped. There are sporadic reports of system hangs during the initialization screen, post 1.3 update. While EndSights says "many systems" are affected, it seems likely the problem is isolated to a minority of PlayStation Home users.

According to Home Manager Locust_Star, a few items in the virtual world may be causing the hiccups. Items like the Namco Bandai Love Seat, Fat Princess Throne and Ghostbusters Bagel are amongst the few suspected to be causing crashes. Until a proper patch is implemented, the PlayStation team recommends deleting and reinstalling PlayStation Home. Erasing Home data from the Save Data Utility may also help PlayStation gamers that are desperate to log into the virtual world.
Let us know if you’ve been affected by the latest Home update, and if these workarounds, um, work.

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I want to run away from Home.

So if you’ve been keeping track of the news then you are aware that Sony has pushed the new MMOish Home into Beta.   I’ve seen some of the screen shots and read the hype, and I’m left with a feeling of ‘so what?’

Where as Little Big Planet is an over-glorified construction kit, but cool in concept, I can see where it could push some hardware.  Home, on the other hand, seems to me to be a straight rip-off of Second Life.  Where as highly popular, it’s got to be the most boring ‘game’ I’ve ever installed.

Home is a novel concept, but not something that hasn’t already been done.

I’ve read about the long load times from posts by those in pre-beta; why in the world would you want to wait for a zone to load just to play a game or watch a movie?

Are you so lazy/broke that you can’t go over to a friends house, pick them up and go bowling?   If you can afford a PS3 you can afford a couple of freaking games of bowling.

Does the net need another 3D Social network?  Or should I say another dead 3D social network?  Come on, the whole idea of having a 3D world that you can interact with has been playing on the minds of web programmers since the invent of VRML, and now that’s pretty much dead.  Google just axed their 3D social site, among count less others.

Home just seems totally worthless to me as a gamer and as a social person.


What’s your thoughts?