Xbox Group Rules list.

Yahoo Groups Xbox list Rules and Regulations:

We only have a few rules (Thank God)

1) If you want to post a message about a group that you have created, and you wish to inform our members about it.  Send an Email to the moderator or the owner requesting your site/list be posted.  Give us all the information needed to check out your Site/List.      DO NOT POST DIRECTLY TO THE LIST OR YOUR WILL BE BANNED.
2) We do have a NO SPAM policy (and Tolerance) on this list.  If you SPAM our list, you will be removed, and banned no questions asked (This is for Blatant SPAM).

SPAM posts are:
1) ‘Join my list’, ‘see this cool website’, ‘Help me with my web site’, or ‘Help me get a Free Xbox’ posts.   WITHOUT Permission from the Owner or Moderators (See Rule #1 – Faster replies though the Moderators)

2) Posts that are not game related.

3) Posts that disregard any of these rules

4) Content the Owner/Moderators feel disrupts the ‘feel’ of our group. (Such as name calling and/or cussing)

5) Request for ROMS or CD-Images, we are NOT a ROMs list nor a hacking group
3) Auction (EBay/Amazon) Posting Policy
   We DO allow posting for users that wish to let people know they are selling games (hardware or software).   However, we had a few rules in place for these posts also.
  1) You MUST put ‘For Sale’ on the Subject line of these types of posts.
  2) The Post MUST be Game related. but doesn’t need to be Xbox related.
  3) ONE BRIEF post is allowed to the list to let them know the item(s) for sale.
  4) ONE BRIEF post is allowed near the end of the auction (3 days before)
  5) Adding SHORT information/links to your Signature about your sales is allowed.

   ANY personal attacks of ANY kind to anyone on this group will cause the
   poster of the flame to be banned.   

5) DO NOT Set yourself to ‘No Email’ or ‘Special Notices’ only.
   From time to time the moderators will go though the members list. If you are
   set to ‘Special Notices only’ you will be reset to ‘Daily Digest’.  If you
   are ‘No Email’ and haven’t made arrangements with the moderators will you
   be removed from the list.   In other words, don’t sign up if you don’t want
   to be a part of the group.

6) If your account is marked by Yahoo for ‘bouncing’ you will be removed from
   the list. Bouncing means you’re Email box is Full, or has been Cancelled.
   Either way, it means you’re not going to be able to be a part of the group.
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