GTA4 PS3 patch released.

From Rockstar Games: “Rockstar Games has released a GTA IV patch for PlayStation 3 today that prevents GameSpy’s servers from being overloaded and therefore reduces the impact on those servers that were causing the game to stutter and lock up. We continue to monitor the performance of the game both on and offline and will provide further updates as necessary. We want to assure everyone that, together with our hardware partners, we continue to strive to give our fans the best possible interactive entertainment experiences possible. This update will ensure that everyone will experience Grand Theft Auto IV the way it was intended. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.”


Like always, when you play the game you will be prompted to download and install the ~18 meg patch.


pogowolfYeah.. 18 meg patch to fix too many packets smacking a server?  Not.   18 megs isn’t just a code fix.  18 megs of code is HELL of a LOT of lines of code.  No, 18 megs is graphics and other assets.

so bottom line is.. Rockstar should have just said: ‘oops, sorry’
and not try to blame GameSpy for the issues.

*WHINE* the Xbox 360 sucks!

So I read something this afternoon that just pissed me off.  James Rivington [submitted an article] to with a different view (vue?) on the Xbox 360 sales press release that Microsoft posted a little while ago.

The press release from Microsoft UK stats:

“Gamers have voted with their wallets, and the results are in. The Xbox 360 version of ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ has sold more than 100,000 copies, or 20 per cent more than the PlayStation 3 version in the UK since the game’s release last Tuesday 29 April.”

The article is filled with negative wording like:

  • “Microsoft is attempting to use GTA as a PR exercise to boast (and lie) about the Xbox 360 console”
  • “We received an unbelievable and outrageous press release today from Microsoft UK”
  • Lies, all lies!”
  • “The release then sees Microsoft rambling on and on, mostly just patting itself on the back about selling more copies”
  • “Please excuse me briefly while I pause to be sick.”
  • “It’s all a load of smoke and mirrors nonsense.”
  • “This is an absolutely textbook example of a big company spouting a load of dingo’s kidneys in order to promote itself.”

Sorry, man, you come across like a fanboy pulling crap like that, and I expect more from TechRadar then to listen to fanboy rant.

You can prove anything you want with statistics.    It’s all load of ‘Dog Kidneys’

Besides that all the numbers are skewed because  no one tracks the number of units out the door of a store (IE the number really BOUGHT.. not given away or promos and such).  It’s the number of units shipped from the publisher.  So there’s no way to tell really HOW many PS3’s or 360’s are really out in the market.. let alone how many games have really been sold. 

The only thing those numbers really show is that the PS3 version and 360 are both selling well, and Rockstar is making a killing.

Beyond that, we’re all used to that kind of marketing.  It’s the same crap that Sony has been pulling all along with the PS3.  But it doesn’t matter, the PS3 has RIDGE RACER!!!!!!!!   

12/25/08 – Update:
When did this little rant turn into a PS3 VS Xbox debate?  The point was the article sounded like a FanBoy using the site to dog on the 360 (which, no matter how you look at, it blows the crap outta the PS3 in the market place) and how I dispise the ‘evil’ marketing Sony has used to convince people there shit doesn’t stink.   

This wasn’t about how the 360 is/isn’t better than the PS3.   In my replys below I’ve tried to just point out facts. 
and not step on one side or the other.

Rockstar sues the Chicago Transit Authority…

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday.  According to the [Reuters article], Rockstar is suing the Chicago transit Authority for pulling GTA4 bus ads down early.

Hmmm, looks like Rockstar is pissed that Titan Outdoor LLC violated it’s $300,000 contract by not running the GTA 4 posters for the full time of the contract.  However, the juicy bit here is that is seems the ads where pulled after a FOX News affiliate asked why the ads where being allowed to run after the wave of violent crimes in the Chicago area.

Now I’m let wondering, when do we follow what a news affiliate says?!  it’s already been proven that gaming does NOT make you violent, as long as the ads are/were still using the stylized cartoonish look then who cares?

it’s just a game people, the movies SAW and Hostel had SO MUCH more violence and graphic violence then GTA, yet no one bitched about those movies.

Does it really matter that you are watching a movie VS directing it?

No GTA2 for Xbox LIVE.

There’s been some speculation circling the Internet that a count down clock found on the official [Grand Theft Auto 2] web site was counting down the time for GTA2 to be released for Xbox LIVE.

According to an [IGN article], IGN was able to confirm with Rockstar that this is not the case, and according to Rockstar it’s because the timer was used back in the 1900’s to count down to the release of GTA2 for the PS1.  The code used to create the timer is messed up and can’t take into account the 2000’s.


pogowolfWhich I think is TOTAL BS.  Even back in the 1900’s people knew about the whole Y2K thing, beyond that.. a web site with just a timer on it for about 9 years? (release on the PS1 was Oct of 1999)
being THAT late in the year, one would think that the timer code should have been able to understand 2000.    Besides, the DC version was release May of 2000, and the GBC version in December of 2000.      On top of that, since this rumor was started the timer is still on the web site, and it’s counting down to a new date.  (May of 2008)  where as the PS1 was 10/99..

Sorry Rockstar, either you’re webmasters and designers are a bunch of idiots or there’s something more going on here. 

GTA San Andreas "Hot Coffee" Settlement Offers $5 To Soothe Your Injured Mind

from Consumerist by

whoopslawsuit.jpgHorribly offended by the GTA: San Andreas “Hot Coffee” mod in which you could (help, help) indulge in crude polygon sex? Great. You’re being offered a $5 cash settlement.

GTA: San Andreas’ developer has set up a website detailing the compensation one can expect to receive. The more detailed proof you have, the better your cash reward.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas First Edition Disc gets you a replacement disc. All other kinds of proof:

Detailed Store Receipt Cash payment up to $35.00
General Credit Card Statement or Check Cash payment up to $17.50
Disc/Purchase Details Cash payment up to $10.00
No Disc/Purchase Details Cash payment up to $5.00

To give your word that you totally really did have the game click here.

GTA Settlement
Hot Coffee [Wikipedia]