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When it comes to mobile gaming, I always reach for my Nintendo DS. There are plenty of reasons which make me choose it over Sony’s PSP. I’m not one to start console wars, so I won’t go into detail about why I prefer one over the other. I will however tell you that after CES, there’s going to be a really good reason to consider the PSP.

Someone should tell Sony if they want to make a huge announcement during CES, they shouldn’t put it on their CES page. If you look over the part of the site dedicated to the PSP, you might notice that there is something odd listed under the PSP System Features. Apparently you’ll be able to “Call friends, talk trash to fellow gamers or catch up with acquaintances via Skype for PSP system.”

This is actually a pretty cool feature, which has been predicted for some time by gaming enthusiasts. I sure hope that Sony has something else up their sleeve for the gaming crowd, because this cat’s out of the bag. In case you were wondering, that picture above is from the video on the PSP site. It’s only up for a single frame, which makes me wonder why it’s in there at all.

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[05/12/08 update]
Well only like 5 months after I posted this.. it’s FINALY coming!   According to [PSP FanBoy] SCEA finally confirmed the availability of Skype-compatible PSP headsets at retailers today.. for $30 bucks, not $20. =)


Tannoy Speakers for the PSP

PSP Stereo System

While at CES, I got a chance to talk to the nice people of Tannoy. If you haven’t heard of Tannoy, they do a lot of work with speakers. I am told that several of the speakers on the Las Vegas strip were manufactured by them, so they are experts at making things loud.

They also showed me their PSP Speaker System, and it was equally impressive. It works by simply plugging the PSP into the device itself, and then you plug the other end into the video out. By the way, this will recharge your PSP as you use it.

Yes, this device isn’t really designed for the gaming aspect of a PSP, but rather to play UMD video files. And believe you me, it plays them very well. It puts out a power output of 50 watts, and I was encouraged to turn it up loud, as will you. The surround sound is pretty impressive from such a small device.

Another added bonus is that the user can attach an MP3 player and get quality sound. It does not work with video files, though. It does come with a very nifty infrared remote that will definitely come in handy.

The Tannoy PSP Speaker System should be out by February, and will retail for about $199.99.

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Dragons Lair for the DS and PSP

Developer of DS port wants other handheld covered.
By Philip Kollar, 01/04/2008

Last summer, we reported that the classic but much-abused Dragon’s Lair franchise is currently in development for its debut on the Nintendo DS. Today, we bring news the developer of that DS version, United Coders, is also looking to bring the game to the PSP.

In a press release sent out today, United Coders announced that they’re about finished with the DS port and stepping up efforts to find a publisher for a PSP version. Apparently Conspiracy Games, the group currently set to publish the DS version, aren’t on board. United Coders hopes to begin work on the PSP port in February, right when the DS version should be wrapped up and released. Should a publisher step forth, they’re expecting a Christmas 2008 release date for Dragon’s Lair on PSP.

Last time we wrote on this subject, we pondered how Dragon’s Lair could be translated into a portable adventure. Thankfully, Hans Olsen, United Coder’s lead programmer for both Dragon’s Lair projects, elaborated a bit:

“From a players perspective you can choose to play an arcade accurate version simply called Arcade mode, or you can opt to play the more unique Director’s Cut mode. The Arcade mode is exactly what its name implies; a genuine arcade accurate version of the 1983 arcade game with LEDs for scores, featuring the same semi-randomness of the scenes being played… The Director’s Cut mode is very different. One difference is that the Director’s Cut mode features 5 lives instead of the typical 3 lives for Arcade mode. Another difference is that Director’s Cut mode features extra scenes, such as a scene where Dirk the daring has to cross a drawbridge and avoid getting killed by tentacles. This video footage existed in 1983 but was never used in the North American version, only in the European version of the arcade.”

Olsen and crew are being greatly helped by their technical producer, Dave Hallock, whom Olsen refers to as “without doubt, the worlds leading expert on Dragon’s Lair” as well as “one of the few people who has ever reversed engineered the original ROMs.” His mastery of everything Dragon’s Lair is being used to turn the Director’s Cut version of the game into the ultimate Dragon’s Lair experience.


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Soo… it’s not REALLY a game, just shows off how well the Devs can compress MPEG video…  If Dragon’s lair was so freakishly popular to have the game ported to just about every console system.. why not just make Dragon’s Lair 4?  (DL3 was for the PC incase you didn’t know)

DivX and Xvid support too good to be true

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Homebrewers will want to be on the look-out once again. If fake downgraders that bricked your PSP weren’t enough, apparently another piece of malicious code has hit the web: a supposed plugin for the PSP will allow your system to play AVI, DivX and Xvid files. The program, created by a programmer named “Sc00p,” is in fact, littered with trojans that will attempt to infect your PC. Uncool. While it won’t brick the PSP, it may be able to harm your computer.
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Year in Review: August

August was an interesting month, especially for PSP news:
$149 PSP coming soon? CNN reports
Then: “The analyst expects that Sony will drop the price of the PSP to a mere $149, $50 less than what it is right now.”
Now: While this would be a smart decision, Sony’s still not budging from the $199 mark.

Fun = DS, not PSP, says EA exec
Then: “There’s no doubt that EA has historically bet more on PSP. I think we were excited by the technology, but the consumers have proven that actually what they want is fun. We must never forget that what we need to focus on is fun and so EA is putting more effort behind DS games.”
Now: EA may start supporting Nintendo more in the future, but with titles like Burnout coming in the future, it doesn’t seem like Sony fans have to worry.

PSP on Snakes on a Plane
Now: The PSP was prominently featured in the film, which failed to make the impact that the blogosphere had predicted.

Rumor: PSP redesign coming before March 07
Then: “Well, a very believable scan of PlayStation Magazine seem to suggest that Sony’s working hard on one, and it’s coming very soon: March 2007, two years after the US release of the handheld.”

Now: If a redesign is coming in three months, we’d know about it by now, wouldn’t we? Or will Sony do a surprise launch? Keep an eye on this one.

New questionable PSP rumors surface
Now: It’s interesting to note that all of the rumors came true, including the most specific one about the PSP Entertainment Pack. Guess some rumors are spot-on, huh?

DevHook reeled in by Sony?
Then: “The web host of DevHook has received a cease and desist order.”
Now: The homebrew scene is stronger than ever. Many sites are careful about the kinds of files they host, although its not uncommon to find other sites providing some very questionable content.
See entire year in review.

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