Capcom to get into the movie biz…

According to [Bloomberg Japan] Capcom is in talks with Hollywood in order to try to make some of the cash that Marvel is/was seeing from it’s string of movie hits (like Spider man and Xmen).    By making movies from titles like ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Devil May Cry’, and ‘Street Fighter’…

So who at Capcom is blind, and totally forgot that there’s already BEEN 3 Resident Evil movies, and at least 2 Street Fighter movies..  most of the movies pretty much bombed or where just ‘oh-hum’, and when (if ever) was the last time a GOOD movie was created based off a video game franchise? One that kept the feel, and the idea of the game in check, and not went off of some stupid idea the director got.. like Super Mario Brothers.. WTF was that?!

Just because the lead designer(s) are involved doesn’t mean the movie will be any good.. just look at Mortal Kombat (which I own..but only because of the goddess that is Talisa Soto (that’s Kitana.. Princess Kitana to you) )

Just look at the Doom movie.  Really.. now HOW freaking hard must it have been to create a movie about demons rising from hell to take over a military base?! 

Sega gives the Wii some love?!

Well I never thought I would see this in my lifetime, but Sega in a [super secret meeting] has partnered with Platinum Games.   A team of programmers mostly from the Capcom Clover studios, the guys that created Devil may Cry, Okami, Viewiful Joe among others.   3 new games are are slated for release on the Wii.

Sega.. making games for the Nintendo.. who would have thunk it..  🙂

Lost Planet: Colonies

Remember when we said that soon we’d have more information on Lost Planet: Colonies? Well we weren’t lying, as this week’s Famitsu confirmed a ton of information about the game. First and foremost, this is not an entirely new game, this is a remake of the original with more assets and expanded multiplayer. Think of it as similar to Ninja Gaiden Sigma, only for the same console. Hmmm, so that explains why the ESRB was able to rate it so early … Anyway here’s some of the things listed in the article as new:

  • New Multiplayer modes, including Humans VS Akrid
  • 4 New maps, 2 of which are possibly a city and a desert
  • New Female Playable Character
  • Ten New weapons
  • New Monsters
  • Trial Battle and Score Attack modes for the campaign bosses
  • 360/PC Cross-platform play

Now while this all sounds great, we still have a few questions. First, price, this can’t possibly be a full-retail title can it? There’s new content, but unless there’s still some secrets held back there’s not much more than the original had. But if this hits at the right price ($40 or so) it could see a resurgence in the online Lost Planet community. That leads us right to our second question though, with this seeing release on PC and 360, why not simply make it available as DLC? Perhaps it’s because so few in Japan actually have a 360 to download to, and this is seeing release there first on May 29th. No word on release dates for other territories just yet.


[Via Xbox 360 FanBoy]

Street Fighter IV

Street FighterI don’t know many people that didn’t get a Street Fighter addiction at some point of their life, if you are one of them, congratulations because you’re part of the minority.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself inside the 87% of majority that played this fighting game for long periods of hours (sometimes days), cheer up because the new version – Street Fighter IV – is just around the corner.

This Street Fighter version is made by the popular video game developer Capcom, and its release date is suppose to match the 20th anniversary of the first version of the game.

So what kind of new stuff is included in Street Fighter IV?

– Two characters: a judo fighter named Abel, and a high-tech special agent – Crimson Viper – that uses fire and electricity as his weapons.

– Moves: “focus attack” that offers immunity while attacking other players, and a new attack move called “ultra combo” that works as revenge when you’re getting your ass kicked.

And for all the real Street Fighter fans, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a new movie currently on the works, that will feature Kristin Kreuk – sexy girl – as one of the characters.

According to Seth Killian who is an ex-street fighter champion and now works for Capcom, the game will be good enough for all the experts, and all the rookies:

Later Street Fighters became complicated and were very expert-focused. This is more accessible but still with plenty in it for experts.

Source – Reuters

Devil May Cry 4 doesn’t load any faster on the PS3

Monday, Feb 11th 2008 by Chris Scott Barr

Remember that whole fiasco last week about the install time for Devil May Cry 4 on the PS3? While Capcom had a humorous (and serious) response, mostly claiming that it will decrease load time later in the game while giving you plenty of time to eat. The guys over at Penny Arcade smelled bull, so they got a hold of both copies of the game and put their load times to the test.

Penny Arcade

Apparently Capcom was right on the mark with the amount of time it would take for the game to install, they clocked it at 21 minutes. While Tycho didn’t comment on just how many sandwiches he was able to both make and consume, he did have a few words to say about the load times:

I now own both versions of Devil May Cry 4, and I can tell you that the benefits of the twenty-one minute install are completely irrelevant. I now own both versions of Devil May Cry 4, and I can tell you that the benefits of the twenty-one minute install are completely irrelevant.

This raises a big question. Why do you have to install 5GB of data onto your hard drive if it doesn’t make that big of a difference? Surely you could have given players the option to play without doing so. Perhaps there’s a deeper issue at hand. Then again maybe I just like a good conspiracy theory.

[via Penny Arcade!]