Raising Girl Gamers

When I was a kid I had never been a gamer, other than playing Atari at my best friends house with her and her older brother. At my house we didn’t even have cable until my early teens, let alone one of those supercool new Atari systems. As I got a little older, some other friends of mine had Nintendo systems. Oh, the hours spent screaming at Mario, leaning from side to side as if somehow he would empathically sync up with me and we could move as one. – See more at: http://www.gamingmommies.com/2013/07/2231/#sthash.6k0kLOvG.dpuf

Raising Girl Gamers.

Xbox One, the good the bad and the ugly. Mostly ugly.

To me the Xbox One so smells of corporate and a marketing think tank (I use the work think lightly)that don’t ‘get’ gamers.  It seems to be all about number gathering to sell to publishers than doing what the console was made for.  Games.

if Microsoft can prove that 80% of gamers play Call of Duty (HA! I said duty) then another CoD is made because that must be what gamers want!  


Marketing TOTALLY misses the fact that games sell because they are good, then because it’s a part of a series and then because we’re told to.  It seems this time around Microsoft is relaying so much on the numbers. 

“Numbers are the path to Management.  Numbers lead to misinformation.  Misinformation leads to bad games.  Bad games lead to broken controllers.”

You can tell that marketing has taken over the Xbox IP.  Someone that understands gamers and the culture would know that this form of DRM will backfire and not be looked in a good light.  But, there will always be the fan boys and there will always be some demand, even for crap. 

Personally, I believe the Xbox One will bomb like the PS3 did in the American markets and Microsoft’s marketing team will be left wondering what happened.  But because they are management, they will never understand why because the ‘numbers’ back them up.

It’s good to know that Sony seems to have learned from their mistakes with the PS3.  They are coming out swinging this time around and using the Xbox One backlash to their advantage.  It’s too late for MS to change their marketing strategy for the Xbox One, all they can do is push forward as hard as possible and pray the numbers work for them.

Granted, to me, the ‘issues’ with the Xbox One doesn’t really matter.   Currently I pretty much use mine to play Netflix.  it is always online, even if I don’t use it daily.   I don’t tend to go over to a friend’s house to play games so not being able to share my game is a moot point. 

At this point, I might as well just buy a Roku streaming internet appliance and save like $300 dollars.


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