Japanese Retailers Phasing Out Xbox 360 Hardware and Software

Japanese Retailers Phasing Out Xbox 360 Hardware and Softwareby Zach Pint Hardware sales for the Xbox 360 in Japan have been dismal at best, so it comes to no surprise that some retailers are beginning to pull the hardware and software from their shelves.Geo, a Japanese retailer, is cutting back on the Xbox 360, as well as the electronics retailer, Yamada Denki. Staff at Yamada Denki have “confirmed that the company is removing hardware and software from the majority of its stores nationwide, and is selling off its remaining stock at a heavy discount,” according to Edge Magazine.Only 72,721 Xbox 360s have been sold in Japan this year, which brings the total number to 1.5 million. It’s kind of surprising that these measures took so long to be put into affect after seeing those numbers.

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The Graphics of ‘Avatar’ at home!

Report: The Next Xbox Can Render Avatar Graphics

Brian Ashcraft  No, it won’t be wall-to-wall digital blue people. Well, I hope it won’t, because, man, I did not like Avatar.

However, AMD, the tech company responsible for Xbox 360 graphics tech, said the next Xbox will be able to render graphical detail on par with James Cameron’s sci-fi opus.

AMD won’t confirm it’s working on the new Xbox, but, according to the Official Xbox Magazine, AMD said the new Xbox will launch with that level of graphics.

What’s more, AMD’s Neal Robison added that the upcoming A.I. will enable every pedestrian in, say,Grand Theft Auto have their own personality and react to situations differently.

This sounds like AMD talking up whatever they’re working on. Fingers crossed it actually pans out, because words like these can come back to haunt you.

Kotaku is following up with Microsoft and will update this post should the company comment.

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I’ve got to call BS on this one.   Real time rendering of Avatar graphics with enough horsepower
to give everyone in GTA a personality?    Don’t think so.. not at the price point Microsoft is going to
need to be at.  

Of course.. Sony said the same thing.. and it was true..  if you watched it as a movie. 

Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Player?

We’ve heard over and over and over how a Blu-ray movie player add-on for the Xbox 360 was a distinct possibility if the HD DVD format ended up losing out. Well, now that the Microsoft-supported format seems just one step away from dead, we’re hearing rumblings of just how possible that Blu-ray player possibility is.

Citing “insiders at Microsoft in the USA,” Australia’s Smarthouse says Microsoft’s Blu-ray add-on is already fully designed, and could be on the market within three months, “subject to internal marketing and sales approvals.” Smarthouse also repeated the rumors of a built-in high-def drive for the system, although now that rumored drive plays Blu-ray discs instead of an HD DVDs. Regardless, the tech site seems to think Microsoft will focus on digital movie downloads for those who don’t want an add-on.

As for Sony, they couldn’t be happier that Microsoft is considering jumping over to the “winning” side of this HD disc battle. “We would welcome Microsoft to the Blu-ray stable,” SCE Managing Director Michael Ephraim told Smarthouse. “In fact it is quite logical for them as the PS3 has been very successful in driving consumers to Blu-ray. In fact we believe that it has done more to win the format war than traditional Blu-ray player.” Hey, they just won a format war … they can afford to be a little smug.

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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith announced

In an announcement that may just usurp the throne from Electronic Arts as the king of milking franchises, Activision has announced plans for a new Guitar Hero title, casting aside the franchise’s reputation for offering a wide breadth of rocking tracks in favor of highlighting a single band – Aerosmith. The news echoes comments made by guitarist Joe Perry last year regarding the series’ next installment, at which time he said that the next Guitar Hero game would be dedicated to the band’s music.

The announcement comes following Activision’s promise earlier this month to return to well this year, with the newly announced Guitar Hero: Aerosmith currently expected to ship to retail in June with Neversoft handling the game for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and Vicarious Visions taking care of development on the Wii. Details remain nonexistent concerning what tracks we can expect to make the cut, with guitarist Joe Perry commenting only that the title is “based on the diversity of the Aerosmith catalog.” With a game dedicated to one — and only one — band, we have to assume that whatever songs do find their way onto the disc, they’ll be master tracks (they better be).

And if June seems to far off for those of you hugging your Steven Tyler doll while staring at the Pump tour poster on the wall, Activision has announced plans to release the band’s 1973 power ballad ‘Dream On’ as a download for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GHIII (Sorry Wii owners, but you knew what you were getting into). The song will be free from February 16-18, so get it while it’s hot!

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