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Street Fighter IV

Street FighterI don’t know many people that didn’t get a Street Fighter addiction at some point of their life, if you are one of them, congratulations because you’re part of the minority.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself inside the 87% of majority that played this fighting game for long periods of hours (sometimes days), cheer up because the new version – Street Fighter IV – is just around the corner.

This Street Fighter version is made by the popular video game developer Capcom, and its release date is suppose to match the 20th anniversary of the first version of the game.

So what kind of new stuff is included in Street Fighter IV?

– Two characters: a judo fighter named Abel, and a high-tech special agent – Crimson Viper – that uses fire and electricity as his weapons.

– Moves: “focus attack” that offers immunity while attacking other players, and a new attack move called “ultra combo” that works as revenge when you’re getting your ass kicked.

And for all the real Street Fighter fans, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a new movie currently on the works, that will feature Kristin Kreuk – sexy girl – as one of the characters.

According to Seth Killian who is an ex-street fighter champion and now works for Capcom, the game will be good enough for all the experts, and all the rookies:

Later Street Fighters became complicated and were very expert-focused. This is more accessible but still with plenty in it for experts.

Source – Reuters