Site Rules

I doubt 90% of you will ever read this.. but what the hell. =)

1) Posts:
    I gather information from all over the internet.  I will never claim articles not written by me where written by me and will provide the source links where and when ever possible.  I’m not here to steal your work, I here to gather news and information and put it into one central location.   Please provide the same respect for Articles that I have created.
if you use them please provide a link back to the post on the GamersVue blog.

2) Comments:
 If you want to post a comment, please feel free.   If you have a link back to your blog and/or website feel free to submit it!    However, if the link looks to be a SPAM site.  IE download copywritten games for free, or just buy these products and get a free Xbox, the post will be moderated and the links removed.   I welcome all comments.. I do not welcome SPAM.

3) Contacting me
    If you are the owner of a piece of work that has been posted here and you have an issue with it in someway.  Please feel free to contact me at:  PogoWolf  at  Gmail  dot Com (sorry.. stupid spammers)
let me know and I’ll strive to fix the problem within 48 hours.


I assume there will be more rules to come.. but I really hope not. =)

7 thoughts on “Site Rules

  1. everything is fine!! I have been trying to get my wordpress blog reconsolidated and noted I was still added into yours so I was trying to get everything squared. I havent been on the yahoo group because I cant access it from where I am due to firewalls but I still get like a crapton of emails. I am still writing reviews but I am doing it thru my comics site.

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