Project: R.A.L.P.H.

R.A.L.P.H. –   The premire EQ2 log parseing program.   Coming ‘soon’ 


[6/16/08 – Update]
Well I got off my lazy ass and did something this weekend with RALPH.

I’m working on version 0.01 which will center around parse out chat messages.  The chats are messages like ‘You say to the guild, and DuhMan says to the guild’, along with SAY, SHOUTS etc.  This does NOT include NPC chats for that infomation will be parsed either for NPC infomation or for quests.

You will have the ability to then read, search and filter the chats with the ability to delete unwated messages.  This will allow you really read chats for more game information.   This version will also pull out all links with in a chat to allow you quick access to those links.

Once all the features are in, then I’ll update this post with information on where/how to download RAPLH for Alpha testing. =)

Version 0.01 Feature list:
   (striked out items are complete)
* Run RALPH out of the Task Tray
* Parse ALL Chats out of the log.  
     (Working.. pulling one chat type at the moment)
* Parse out list of Guild members.
* Parse out Toon names (across all servers)
* Create window to allow you to view your chats
* Keyword Search chats
* filter chats (by Toon, date, type,etc)
* Pull out links (seperate tab on the form)
* Ability to delete chat messages.
* Ability to Auto not import Emotes (like LOL, BRB, AFks, etc)
* Auto-update the EQ2 INI files to turn on Logging
* Create Database to store your toons
* Figure out a way to auto-detect what guild you are in.

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