HellGate: London patch notes and other info

Multiplayer Patch 0.7
As the players who participated in our Test Center server found out earlier today, the 0.7 content update will be launching for both the Shulgoth (US) and Sydonai (EU) servers this week.
Big additions in this patch include a massive memory usage fix, Nightmare difficulty rebalancing, and a new “Looking for Group” interface.
A number of notorious bugs were also squashed in this build. Impassible maps and quest monsters that refused to spawn are a thing of the past.
With 0.7 subscribers can enjoy additional content in the form of the Transmogrifier — an item used for extra inventory and recipe crunching — and twelve new unique items.
Bill & Stonehenge
Curious about Hellgate: London’s first major ongoing content release for subscribers? It’s what we call the Stonehenge Expansion and Bill Roper is here to fill you in…
“We’ve decided to take the time necessary to make our first major content patch right. If there is one lesson we’ve learned from launching Hellgate: London, our releases should be a question of “what” and not “when.”
We were pushing to get Stonehenge released before the end of the year, but we realized that we wouldn’t be doing the right thing to push it out before it was ready and properly tested. We’re still on our schedule and meeting our original promise of providing a major quarterly update. We just felt that we would be doing everyone a disservice to push this out before it was right.
We are, however, going to have the first in our continuing Hellgate chronicles, entitled Stonehenge, into Test Center before the holidays. This is so we can get a lot of people finding the issues and getting us feedback over their holiday breaks.”
— Bill Roper
If all goes well, you’ll see the Stonehenge Expansion hit the Test Center this week, with the full release scheduled to launch in January.
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Do not install EVE trinity premium client patch!

from Tobold’s MMORPG Blog by Tobold
Thoms alerted me to the following news from Massively: The EVE trinity premium client patch deletes the Windows XP boot.ini file, making it impossible to reboot your computer afterwards. Massively has detailed instructions on how to fix the problem, but if you already restarted your machine you’ll need to enter command line commands into the recovery console you can only start with a Windows XP CD. So right now I can only advise you to not patch EVE before you are certain that all the problems are resolved.

As Massively says: “CCP is on the verge of earning the title of having the worst expansion launch in the history of the genre.”
  Wow..  This made me laugh so hard my co-workers where pairie dogging the cube farm looking to see what was going on!    Delete the Boot.ini?  WTF, mate?!  LOL

HellGate: 0.5 Patch list.


  • All players now have 24 character slots.
  • Fixed a known issue with the inventory user interface that caused the client to lock up.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Mini-game to sometimes become stuck.
  • Added a /help command to provide assistance using available / commands.
  • Some new posters have been added to stations, so check them out!

    Connection Issues:

  • Fixed known issues which sometimes caused players to be disconnected and receive an erroneous network error message.
  • Fixed an issue where some home routers would disconnect a user due to an inactive connection.
  • Fixed known bugs which sometimes disconnected players during multiplayer quests.
  • Fixed problems with NetLimiter 1.30 and some older versions of Norton Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus which would make the user entirely unable to connect to the game.


  • Made several chat interface improvements and the text entry more intuitive.
  • Chat window is now open by default in multiplayer.
  • Fixed chat window closing when traveling between zones.
  • Fixed several cases where the chat window would obstruct other UI components.
  • Chat context (such as Party and Guild) is now more clearly defined in the text entry window, including a color-coded border.
  • Chat window is now more transparent.
  • Added /g command. This is equivalent to /gchat command (guild chat).
  • Whisper text now shows up on all chat tabs.
  • Whisper messages and admin announcements auto-open the chat panel.
  • Auto-switch to the appropriate tab (such as Party and Guild) if you type text to that channel and are not in a tab that shows the text.
  • PageUp/PageDown cycle through chat tabs when text entry is active.
  • Chat panel now auto-opens if you type text and press Enter while the panel is closed.
  • Chat text entry deactivates after entering text.
  • Chat panel no longer closes if you press Enter on a blank line.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Fixed known bugs that caused players to sometimes lose items.
  • Fixed a bug with the Nanoforge that caused it to inaccurately modify the stats of higher-quality items.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Unique items to drop without special properties. Old unique items that did not have special properties are not changed by this patch. We are looking into whether we can fix the old items, but we don’t currently have a solution.


  • Fixed various known issues which prevented players from being able to continue interrupted side-quests.
  • Quest items should no longer remain in the player inventory after the associated quest has been completed. Players with old quest items (such as Train Parts) associated with quests they’ve already completed or no longer have should find these items removed upon logging in.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from receiving credit for killing the “5 Lies” in The Hellgate quest. Players should now be able to properly advance in this quest.
  • In order to obtain the Fawkes Force Five item, the player must have completed Stopping Some Guy quest and not have the ‘Blueprints of Fawkes Force Five’ or ‘Fawkes Force Five’ in their inventory or stash. If they completed the quest and don’t have the Blueprints or Fawkes Force Five, then it rewards them with a completed Fawkes Force Five.


  • Fixed known bugs which prevented Engineer Drones from saving properly.


  • Fixed an incorrect modifier causing Special Effect Attack Strengths in PvP situations to be much higher than intended.

    World Movement:

  • Fixed known issues which occasionally prevented characters from being able to load or switch instances.
  • Fixed several issues with players getting stuck in the world.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to become stuck at St. Pauls in Nightmare difficulty.
  • Portals to party members should now automatically close if the associated party member leaves the game.