Pac-Man bookshelf



bad design…

“A bad design/controls/interface will put me off a game faster then getting gas from eating taco bell.”

The two things to make Steam better…

1) Show me the DLC that I have already bought.

Seriously..  you can show me a ‘Hey!  You already own this game!’ banner, but you can’t show me what/which DLC has been bought in the list of ‘buy this stuff now!’?

2) WTF is this game?

Yea!  There’s a news feed for each game, a feed to show who’s playing it and an achievement list.. even a ‘game info’ section, that says NOTHING about the game..
at least give me the genre or some description about the game, that I’ve never heard of (OK that’s rare)  that was apart of some bundle pack.

MMO Source code…

I still think EA should release the source to Earth and Beyond.  There are still a number of fans out there to the point of private servers.   Just because there’s not enough ‘profit’ in it to allow EA to host the servers and such.. then why not release the source?     The community would freak.