Project: Gorgon

[Main Website] – Playable on PC and MAC.   (Linux support is planned as well.)
Cost:  FREE [as of 11/1/2014]

I’ve been playing this little gem of an MMO for a while now and still wonder why there isn’t more gamers flocking to the server.  

For one Eric Heimburg, main developer for the game, isn’t afraid to go an old school direction with his game and would not be happy with another WoW ‘ME TOO’ MMO.   Project: Gorgon does try to put the RPG back into the MMORPG genre.

One of the other nice features of the game that I enjoy is that the world is thought out.  If you are on fire you can jump in a lake to put it out.  If you drop items on the ground, they are there for others to see and pick up.   Shopkeepers have a daily set of money they can use for interactions (anyone remember Wish?) and many other mechanics that make you feel you are in a living WORLD and not just a map and the skill based systems removes the ‘gear grind’ and lets you explore every nook and cranny of the world around you.

Yes, it is in beta and many things are set to change and be updated, but all an all it’s a pretty solid game with a community that is willing to help out and answer ‘noob’ questions.

Give Project: Gorgon a run if you are looking for some RPG in your MMO.   


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