"Warcraft" movie to begin filming Early 2014

Blizzard has wanted to make a Warcraft movie possible for a very long time, and there have been quite a few bumps along the way. The biggest bump was the possibility of Sam Raimi directing the movie back a few years ago, but he eventually dropped or was dropped from the project, leaving Blizzard and Legendary Pictures to find a new director.

They eventually found Duncan Jones, the director of well-recieved scifi hits like "Source Code" and "Moon". He seems to be passionate about the project, and has said on his twitter that if you’re going to make a video game movie, you need to make it about the video game, and not change it – so promising words from the director. It’s also important to note that it is not a World of Warcraft movie- it is a Warcraft movie, so we probably won’t see Leeroy Jenkins, /dancing Gnomes, or random people in a town shouting "LOOKING FOR GROUP!"

The movie is set to begin filming Early 2014 and possibly release in 2015.

[via SpawnPoint]


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