1. Spent the better part of two days downloading the ~15 GIG of Star Wars: The old republic.. Still got like 1.5 gig to go. This SO better be worth it. Though my first thoughts is that it’s a modified LoTR engine with Star Wars slapped on top. SO that pretty much you can run around for free.. but you want DO anything you’ve got to pay for it. (standard EA play mechanics) Guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  2. Well now it’s installing the Main Assets…
  3. Now it needs to DL another bloody 2.5 gig!? WTH!
  4. OMG! now ANOTHER 4.76 GIG download for the English assets?! Seriously? Ever heard of STREAMING?


    [11/20/2012 – Update]
    Well I’m still on the fence with this one.   It’s NOT LoTR with a Star Wars coat of paint (which is a good thing)  but there’s just something ‘off’ that I can’t quit put my finger on.

    Yes, I think it was stupid a hell to need to download like 4 gig worth of movies for no real reason..except to give you a back story (that could have been down in game) and put you in the ‘mood’.

    Yes, some of the choices you make make no sense to what happens on the screen.. Things like selecting “Good…’  translates into ‘I’m glad I was able to make an impression and I’m glad I was able to help you out in your time of need.”.. WHAT?

    Graphically she’s a pretty game.. though granted all I’ve seen so far is the standard dirt and interior gray.

    … and where as I’m still in the newbie zone, the game seems pretty linear.  Not happy about that and the character skill progression feels.. off.      though you  can feel a boost in combat with each level, but the skill progress.. but then some skills are held back unless you pay.

    But the pay to play isn’t as bad as LoTR where it seems you need to pay for everything everywhere you turn.   But doesn’t bog down with Story.

    Overall..  So far, I’m finding it a good time waster (including the 2 days to download)  I’m not sure I’m having ‘fun’ yet..    I want to give it past the noob missions to see what the game offers when it opens up..  IF it opens up.


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