Diablo 3 – What the happened?

(OK this is a quick post.. it’ll be cleaned up later) 

Now I’ve read the stories and reviews for this game on the net for weeks.   I was still hanging on if I was going to buy this game or not.     Then a buddy gave me a friend code to allow me to play the demo, and this was a three day weekend..  little did I know I was going to be pulled into the maw of hell before my time with Diablo 3  was finished.

First off.. the download.. holy jeebus.  That took a while to patch, re-patch, then install. then I get into the game and I’m treating to the horror of this game.   The ‘always on-line feature’   Yes, Blizzard.  Please tell me what evil demon crawl into the souls of your management to have forced some of the most horrible design choices made in a game?

1) Why do I need to online at all times?   can’t I just PLAY the game?  No?  I need to allow people to join my game?   Why?  If I want to play local
it’s called a LAN.. (Google it)   I have no interest to allow some jacktard to pop in and out of my game.   If I wanted that I would play multiplayer.

2) Why do you need to track how many times I fire a magic missile?   Really?   every single damn one?   and if you tell me because you use it for reporting.. then save all that crap to a log and let me OPT into sending you the information.     and part two.. if you are THAT worried about balance.. it’s called QA (Google it)  Why don’t you try that for a change.

3) Speaking of QA.. Really?  Give a avatar a shield and the game breaks?   I wish to give thanks to the Blizzard QA team for that one..WAY TO GO Blizzard QA!!!   Glad to see you are doing your job.   Let alone  all the other game breaking bugs that wouldn’t have been game breaking if I didn’t need to be online at all times.

4) Excellent graphics, and I still like the destructible items.. but it still felt like Diablo 2 with a graphics overhaul.     Even the ‘random’ generation really wasn’t that random.   When you can play the DEMO and start picking out the set pieces there’s a problem.

5) WTF is up with the total lack of skills?   What’s the point of even having a skill tree when you only have 4 choices and various power up of those skills.   

6) Each level boils down to, hit this level and now the mobs will be tiered to you.    SO it’s like playing Dragon Ball Z.   You train to beat a specific mob in order to find out there is something stronger to you train some more.  Rise and repeat.       IE.. Boring after about an 6 hours.

7) It seems to me that Diablo 3 suffers from the ‘Hollywood’ effect.   That’s when management steps in and takes a great concept and runs it into the ground.


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