Runes of Magic–Shadowforge coming in 3 weeks…

Chapter V – Fires of Shadowforge

Get ready! The new chapter of Runes of Magic launches in 3 weeks!  With the release of “Runes of Magic Chapter 5 – Fires of Shadowforge” on12/06/2012, RoM is about to get even better.

What’s new?

  • new playable race: the Shadowforge Dwarves
  • 2 new classes: the Champion and the Warlock
  • new starting zone
  • new instances
  • new high-level areas

Get to know the Shadowforge Dwarves and prepare for a showdown against the dastardly villain Maderoth. This could be the battle to end all battles, so dive in and be a part of the action!

Even with the exciting new content of Chapter 5, Runes of Magic will still be completely free to play. If you can’t wait to gear up for the new chapter, start playing RoM right now in your browser – no need to wait:


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