Everquest 1–Trying the “extended trial”

.. and by extended trial I mean the new free to play version.     The one that, yes, allows you to try everything up to the current expansion by limiting you to your character slots, races, classes, money, and no access to the market. 

But, what the hell, it’s free right?   So after spending about 6 hours updating (it’s about an 8.3 gig download) I booted it up this morning and created a toon.     My first thoughts with this 13 year old game?   OH yeah.. it’s 13 years old..  and you can tell.

I’m fond of EverQuest 2.  It’s the one MMO that I keep returning to even if I get bored of it every few months.   No other MMO (besides, perhaps, Istaria) keeps me coming back for to see what’s changed and dig into the depths of the world and lore.   So I’m curious about how EQ1 has progressed into EQ2 and what design changes where made between the two worlds.    What secrets can be found in EQ1 that lay the foundation of lore in EQ2?   What did Sony think sucked in EQ1 and didn’t bring over to EQ2..    Curious minds want to know!

So far though it seems to be more ‘pen and paper’ than most of the other RPGs.   Having to interact with the NPCs in order to progress quests, forcing you to dig into your inventory in order to give an item to an NPC are nice touches that pull you deeper into the game.  yet, I’m left thinking that the programmers where lazy for not automating that process like we see in newer MMO’s.

Have I really become that much of a lazy gamer that I want my game spoon feed to me?     Don’t know.. let’s see what happens in the world of EQ1.


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