AION–Even free is it worth it?

So as any gamer following the scene knows, AION went free to play on Monday (2/27/12).   I Beta tested AION, bought the collectors edition, promptly played for a couple of months and switch to some other game (RIFT I believe).   So now that AION is free I thought I’d give it a shot last night.  So after spending the better part of 6 hours to download the client, and a little while longer to remember my password and  pin (PIN!? when was that added?)  I was treated to a new character select screen and all my renamed toons.   Renamed?!  must have been a server merge.

So I load up PogoWolf, and look at my screen with a look of horror.  It’s been long enough that I can’t remember how/why I set up my toolbars
like I did.   Playing a mage it’s all about the timing of firing off a spell and when to fire them off.   I can’t remember any of the timing and promptly started getting my ass handed to me by a a MOB 7 levels below me.    O.o

About 15 minutes later I’m started to get the hang of the toon again, and starting to see that the mages aren’t as overpowered as they used to be (darn it) and just about that time some idiot comes running over for a ‘quick’ pvp kill.   I don’t think he noticed that I was like 10 levels above him and three hits later he was running off with hit tail between his legs.   I was thinking sweet!  perhaps I could get back into this game.

then I played for another hour.  Not really doing anything because my toon isn’t powerful enough to solo the mobs/quests that are for his level. I suspect that I need to re-gear and pretty much relearn the game.  But for a level 30 mage, is it even worth it?

Perhaps I’ll just roll a new toon (an archer.. I’ve been liking that class type as of late) and start over.   I would assume in the few years that I’ve been out of the game that a number of things have changed.

But then again, I have really been enjoying Fallen Earth again after it’s gone free to play.

The Pogowolf


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