Sony Network getting a name change?

Yep, looks like the rumors are true.  According to many sources around the Internet Sony will be changing the name of the PSN (PlayStation Network) to SEN, the Sony Entertainment network Wednesday (02/8/12) 

According to one Sony rep: "The goal is for there to be one networked log-in for all Sony services, changing the name ‘PlayStation Network account’ to ‘Sony Entertainment Network account’ helps clarify the unity between PSN and other Sony Entertainment Network services." However, the change does not apply to the PSP.

This tells me a few things:  1) The PSP is being phased out.  2) the PS4 might be shifting more to the whole entertainment package the PS3 was boasted to have be.  and 3) So now when Anonymous hacks Sony again, now they can get ALL the peoples information and not just a piece of it.