GameStop doesn’t like OnLive.

So it’s been possibly confirmed that GameStop employees, by direction of the home office, are opening the boxes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and removing the free OnLive code that has been placed in the packaging because OnLive is a competing online service.

I bet GameStop won’t even give me a discount price on the game even though it’s their policy that all open box items are used.   like I’d buy ANYTHING from GameStop anyway. I don’t even trust them for strategy guides, and now I can’t trust them with software.

╭∩╮(°_°)╭∩╮ Gamestop!


08/25/2011 – Update: [Source]
Now an internal email has been leaked revealing orders to not only pull all PC copies of Human Revolution from shelves, but that they will ultimately be returned to Square Enix. Why? Because OnLive competes with GameStop’s own yet-to-be-released streaming service.



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