GameStop doesn’t like OnLive.

So it’s been possibly confirmed that GameStop employees, by direction of the home office, are opening the boxes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and removing the free OnLive code that has been placed in the packaging because OnLive is a competing online service.

I bet GameStop won’t even give me a discount price on the game even though it’s their policy that all open box items are used.   like I’d buy ANYTHING from GameStop anyway. I don’t even trust them for strategy guides, and now I can’t trust them with software.

╭∩╮(°_°)╭∩╮ Gamestop!


08/25/2011 – Update: [Source]
Now an internal email has been leaked revealing orders to not only pull all PC copies of Human Revolution from shelves, but that they will ultimately be returned to Square Enix. Why? Because OnLive competes with GameStop’s own yet-to-be-released streaming service.



EA’s Origin may be glorified Spyware…

In case you hadn’t heard already, Electronic Arts’ Origin is more than just a petty attempt to undermine Steam. It’s an insidious petty attempt to undermine Steam. The service has upset gamers since it installs Spyware, allowing EA to dig around in your hard drive as explicitly stated in the terms of service.  The EULA says that EA can identify your computer, operating system, installed/uninstalled software/hardware, and use that information for marketing purposes while merrily sharing it with third party companies. It ‘s all fairly disgusting, and there’s no opt-out offer. If you don’t want EA to know everything about you and pass the information along, your only recourse is to not install Origin — which will mean you can’t play Battlefield 3 on PC at all…

via EA’s Origin may be glorified Spyware, causes mass upset -Destructoid.


Wow..  Really EA?   Damn does your marketing department have got balls and your programming team must have been outsourced…    WTF is this?  You, EA, provide products we buy, and that is where our relationship ends.  You can ASK to see my system specs in order to see what the ‘normal’ PC is out there but you don’t need to know what I have installed.  Nor can you make money off MY information with out ME getting a cut of it.

You can pay me for my personal information, otherwise  ╭∩╮(°_°)╭∩╮