Duke Nukem: Forever…What did you expect?

I don’t understand all the haters out there.    The only thing I can think of is that 98% of the reviewers are noobs that have never played anything old-school let along lived though the days of ‘old school’.   Duke 4 is just that… a continuation of Duke3.  It’s not a serious Sam clone, it’s not a Gears of War clone and Thank God it’s not another WW2 clone.

Duke4 did what is was supposed to do; Provide a run and gun experience along with one-liners, strippers, tits, Pig-Cops, and environmental interaction.    For a game that have been in development for 14 years (or really only a couple if you count the engine changes and scrapping the game a couple of times) it worked quite well.  There was a ton of polish pushed into the game from the quick load times (on the PC.. NOT the Xbox.. BOOOooooo!)  to the level design.  

Was the game perfect?  Hell to the No.  Lack luster guns, pretty much playing though the whole game with only one weapon, tacked on driving levels, and a bunch of other junk meant to keep you from being bored in the games 3 stages.   But was it a total Fail?  No.     We’re talking a B- , not an F.


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