Notch throws down the gauntlet at Bethesda…

Notch, the man behind Minecraft, has issued a challenge to Bethesda Softworks over Mojang’s newest game in the works called ‘Scrolls’.   Seems that Bethesda lawyers think that’s the ‘Scrolls’ game which is a trading card type of game is just way to much like a first person RPG with at least 4 volumes in the series and people will get confused that someone might but scrolls thinking it’s ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ or the other way around.

I think they just want  ‘’.. anyway…

Notch response to this silliness?  Challenge Bethesda to a three on three online battle in Quake 3.    If they win, Bethesda will drop the law suit.   If they lose they will change the name of the game.

This should be fun to watch..


Notch is not thinking that perhaps it was a bit silly.  Either way.. it’s good PR.   I”m thinking though that he should have used like UT3, and not Quake.


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