LEGO Universe Goes Free

A Tiny Slice of LEGO Universe Goes Free

Bright, colorful, and charming, the massively multiplayer LEGO Universe has attracted droves of players willing to spend $10 a month to experience everything the block-built world has to offer. For everyone else, there’s LEGO Universe: Free to Play.

Kicking off today, LEGO Universe: Free to Play gives new players the ability to download the client and explore a limited portion of the game without paying a single cent. They’ll be able to create their own LEGO minifig character, explore starting areas The Venture Explorer and Avant Gardens, join the heroic Nexus Force, try of some role-specific faction gear, and play a few mini-games. Free to Play players will also be able to claim their own Avant Gardens property, where they can experience the joy of creating their own LEGO constructs and sharing them with thousands of friends.

Free players can tool about the limited world for as long as they please, or upgrade to the full version for $10 a month, the initial purchase price for the game no longer applicable.

[Official Website]  via kotaku


2 thoughts on “LEGO Universe Goes Free

  1. These are excellent. My grandson has a Legos collection and a lot of Star Wars materials and this product is a great addition to it.

  2. My son loves Legos and Lego Star Wars and he is trying to build up his legos collection so he can have the “good guys fight the bad guys.”

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