07/27/2001–EQ2 Patch Notes

Today’s July 27, 2011 update notes address issues with the Spires and Dragon Ring Events on those servers where the events are still running. This update does not yet include a fix for servers that have already completed the events and those affected players who were present but didn’t get credit due to crashes, not having the right quest, or their mob despawning.


Dragon Ring and Wizard Spire Rebuild Events

  • Entering the event area should now check what quests the player has and what stage the event is on. If the player has a quest from a previous stage the quest should be updated. If the player does not have the current quest it will be offered to the player.
  • For the final encounter in both events when a player engages the encounter they will be offered the quest for that encounter if they do not have it already.
  • The Wizard Spire Replica should now be purchasable for 25 tokens if the event has been completed.
  • The Pocket Wizard Spire is now heirloom instead of no trade.
  • The Pocket Dragon Ring is now heirloom instead of no trade.
  • Using the wizard spire teleport from within a guildhall should now offer Eastern Wastes wizard spire if the event for it has been completed.
  • Text has been corrected when mousing over the Eastern Wastes option on the travel map.


  • Rage-Fused and Reinforced Armor is now visible for all buyers.
  • All armor sets should now display their name correctly.
  • PvP merchants should now request the correct faction for all items.
  • The Crystal of Discord is once again available for purchase.

Incidentally,there seems to be some realization that the new Frozen Tundra battleground is cannibalizing interest the other Battlegrounds, especially as only Tundra is awarding faction with Velious Discord. The following change is now expected in a future Game Update:

You will now earn Velious Discord faction across all matches [subject to change]:

  • Gears of Klak’Anon – +175 win, +75 loss
  • Battlefield of Ganak – +200 win, +75 loss
  • The Frozen Tundra – +225 win, +75 loss [No Change]
  • Smuggler’s Den – +250 win, +75 loss

Heads up:  This weekend is an Double XP weekend as well.


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