DJ Hero Helped Kill Guitar Hero – Games News at IGN

Activision boss Bobby Kotick says the company’s flop music game DJ Hero contributed to the company taking one-time star franchise Guitar Hero off the market….

via DJ Hero Helped Kill Guitar Hero – Games News at IGN.


Really?   How stupid does Booby Kotick think we are?   First off, DJ Hero WAS a bad idea from the start.   But, someone thought it would do well enough to make a sequel and have a third on in the works..   But no.. it’s DJ Hero’s fault that the past few Guitar Hero games have had horrible track lists, lackluster game play, and pretty much boring.

Booby also admitted that creating DJ Hero pulled valuable care and attention away from Guitar Hero.   Wait.. WHAT?    So like you had the whole company focused on a game like DJ hero?  WTF?!     and DJ Hero wasn’t created by the same team.. so how was focus shifted?

Boils down too.. Some upper brass screw up.  But will they take the blame?   nope.    the Developers where the problem.  Not some idiot giving the green light on a game that was OBVIOUSLY not A) thought though and B) had any market research done.



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