PSN Pass Confirmed; Online Verification Will Launch With Resistance 3

Beginning this September, some Sony games will contain “PSN Pass,” a registration code that will be required for full online access. The first “pass enabled” game will be Resistance 3.

The PSN Pass will essentially lock some (or all) of a game’s online content from anyone but the original purchaser, putting a huge dent into second-hand market sales as well as giving games to pals when you’re finished with them. Presumably, you’ll be able to purchase passes online for games, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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Really?   Although.. from the get go it sounds like Sony is trying to keep people from buying used games.     I don’t think that’s what’s happening here.  It’s more to the point of tying the game down to a code so that when you’ve spent your $60-100 on crap that should have already been included in the game and put the game up for sale  some one else can now spend another $60 to 100 on crap that should have been included in the game in the first place.

What really gets me here isn’ t the fact that Sony is trying to tie down a game to make more money off it (’s Sony)  it’s more to the point that publishers have pushed developers so far as to need to release shovel-ware  because some ass hat project manager doesn’t know their ass from a C-prompt.     QA IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE.. and I’m looking squarely at you Lionhead.



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