Aztec Challenge for the Atari 2600

Aztec Challenge for the Atari 2600

The Story of A-VCS-tec Challenge

After finishing Mental Kombat I decided to continue 2600 development and thought of a nice game with use of moving and animated sprites.

The Introduction Sequence
The cartridge starts up with playing the music and fading in the mask in the middle of the screen.

Afterwards the game title appears and a scrolltext at the bottom of the screen shows the credits for the development and the copyright.

The Game
You find yourself located on a plain field and can barely see a small pyramid on the horizon. The sun is burning and before long the first spear is thrown by one of the spear-throwers along the sides of your path.

As the game progresses, the pyramid is zooming and you’re getting closer to your goal: the safety of the pyramid’s inside.

You should try not to collide with the spears, because otherwise a screen like this will inform you that your quest is over. Your final score is shown until you use the fire-button to return to the game’s introduction sequence.

And if you manage to survive all the different levels, you will be presented with an endsequence to celebrate your victory. [More at Source]


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