How video games are made… Kinda.

How Video Games Are Made

Below is a nice info graph describing how video games are made and the process of making a video game. It is divided into 6 steps:

  • Step 1 Brainstorming A group gets together multiple time to create a blue print of the product
  • Step 2 Game Breakdown The blue print for the product is create and assignments are created.
  • Step 3 Graphics Team Artist sketch very simple sketches for the graphic artists to use to create the characters and backgrounds for the video game.
  • Step 4 Development Team This team uses the latest technology to bring the Characters and environments to life.
  • Step 5 Programming and Engineering This team put all the puzzle pieces together, this put the character into the environment, creates the movement and the mechanics of making the video game work.
  • Step 6 Testing This phase makes sure everything is working properly and that there is no glitches or bugs in the program.



One thought on “How video games are made… Kinda.

  1. Pretty cool! My only gripe is Top 5 selling game stats. All but Pokémon were pack-in games, which inflates the respective games’ sales. But holy crap, I would not have guessed GTA4 cost 100 mil to make!

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