Modern Warfare 2 – First Impressions

Well there is nothing like good gun porn, except with this, you can enjoy it with friends. The biggest FPS of the year finally arrives and all is well with the world. Or is it? Is this game worth the hype that has been on this game since the trailers at E3? I believe it is.
This is for FPS fanatics as what Madden is for football fanatics. The reason why I have some trepidation in giving this a full endorsement is although I have played through this for 7 hrs, in single player, Spec Ops and Multiplayer, there is not enough time vested to give it a `full’ review yet I feel like I played it enough to know what to expect, so take this as truly a 1st impression and not a full blown review.
Story mode:  Still feels the same as any other CoD game especially the last MW game. You are randomly given a character and assigned any given hotspot in the world pointed at a target and you go achieve your goal. That’s pretty much it. This is also MW’s weakest point in my opinion because the way that the narrative is told it feels like you are dumped onto a set and away you go. Not to say that the set pieces aren’t nice but I still would have liked a tighter story setup similar to possibly an older game like GRAW’s setup that makes me feel like I am more involved in the story.
Because of the lack of a tight narrative, it took away the impact of the airport level (those of you that played it, know what I am talking about) and how it would make one feel playing that particular role and because it’s brief, you don’t have time to get into it
Online and Spec Ops
However, this is not what most people come to MW2 for. They come for the multiplayer and this is where MW excels.  What can I say? Tons of modes, tons of weapons, perks and better maps all designed for the sole purpose of creating arenas of digital death for online players to enjoy. Added to that, when you don’t want to play with many people, you have the option of playing the Spec Ops mode in co op mode either split screen or online with a friend. The AI in this mode is no slouch as it can and will adjust to your play style. They won’t keep sticking their head out in the exact same spot waiting for you to shoot and they will take advantage of whatever is around you and double up to outflank and kill you and some levels you have to do this and not hit innocent civilians caught in the middle. Every now and again however, I have seen a glitch where the enemy AI will just stay `struck’ in one position until you kill them.  The multiplayer hasn’t change much in the overall scheme of things, but the structure is still RPG like, the more you play, the more you unlock and the more you are rewarded, and to help draw new people in or people that aren’t all that good, there are rewards to be had if you get dominated that will keep lower level players from feeling too frustrated or left out by higher level friends.
Control wise, if you have played one, then you have played them all and this is a no brainer. It’s as intuitive and responsive as ever and no sense in making any radical changes. I do however wish and I have stated this is past iterations, that it would be nice to see possibly some kind of cover system instituted into the MW series. But I guess some fans would say, if you want tactical shooting, go play a Tom Clancy game or GoW. But hey, I am just one person.
So all in all, MW2 gets a strong 8 for such a good focus on seriously supporting and augmenting the multiplayer aspect of the game especially the co op part (which can take a lot longer than the main story) but it falls a bit short on telling the story.  With so many games that they have done on the current gen systems, I really think that by now, it could have been fleshed out a lot more and made to be just as enjoyable and immersive as the multiplayer side.  The graphics are as great as ever, the set pieces are fantastic (wait til you see Northern VA for those of you that are from around these parts…) voice acting is always top notch, (Keith David anyone?) and the action is nonstop as ever.


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