Borderlands – First Impressions

No real need to post an unbelievably long review. This game is just plain fun. 

This is what Fallout 3 would have been if there was a multiplayer mode.

This is another game set off in the far flung dystopia future; you are being guided around the planet Pandora by a mysterious static voice of a woman looking for an equally mysterious vault. That’s all you need to know.

The rest of the game is simply, if it moves, kill it, and collect the loot.

The game is simplistic and deep at the same time. Amazingly the first 10 levels you play won’t even take you that far from your start point as you learn how to choose your weapons, fight at least 3 bosses, learn how to drive vehicles and so forth.

Graphically speaking, the cell shading art is pretty good but sometimes I still longed for the ‘realistic’ approach given to Fallout.

Multiplayer handles pretty well with very little lag and sometimes battles can get hectic really quick.

If I can give any minuses to the game, it would be these.

Enemies that are MUCH lower in level to you can still wield a large amount of damage on you and even though you can be a level 10 character and kill a level 4 enemy with ease, that level 4 enemy can still deal large amounts of damage quickly and more so in a swarm.

This is possibly the only major thing that unbalances the game.

The other is sometimes it takes a few button clicks to reload (I think this is a skill thing) and sometimes you have to highlight a drop item ‘just so’ to pick it up.

The driving controls are a bit clunky and it takes practice just to get it to go straight but hey, you didn’t get this game to go driving!

My only other major issue is that I have as of yet not seen any place to store your loot and I am not sure of this was intentional or not but games of this sort always allowed you to have some type of storage system because you never know if that ‘one’ gun you found earlier may be needed later…however I am guessing that with the amount of stuff available you sell it more than keep.

We also as of yet not seen a way to swap weapons between players short of dropping it on the ground, hopefully this may be remedied later.

Now, the skill tree is the coolest and easiest I have seen to use. You have to make sure you stick to whichever one you choose to flesh out and get the max skills for your character. I am using a Soldier and I am trying to max his skills out right now under the medic branch so he can be most effective in multiplayer and thankfully leveling doesn’t feel like a serious grind.

Some are saying that this game may give Modern Warfare 2 a run for its money and it’s possible given the simplicity of the game and sheer amount of weapons, it’s going to be a strong contender.

I give it 8.5 out of 10.


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