First impressions: Uncharted 2

This game came out right as I finished the first one and really it’s giving me a great idea of how someone can take a rather new IP and improve up on it. It sort of reminds me of how GoW was improved upon from one to 2 without missing a beat and it’s really good.
You really don’t need to play part 1 of Uncharted per se unless you would like to better understand some of the characters in the game and how they all relate.
Presentation and story wise, this game to me, so far, makes up for all of the sucky movies that came out this summer from the cliffhanger beginning to running thru the streets of Nepal avoiding runaway trucks, so far this game is a big thumbs up. And yes, some of the action scenes are a bit clichéd but then really think when is the last time you actually played some of those scenes in a game?  Altho it may be barely noticeable (it’s really noticeable to me however) the cut scenes  and overall visuals look much sharper than it’s predecessor almost to a point that it does make you feel more like you are playing an interactive movie. Not to mention that these early levels really have you playing up to the game’s starting point with crosses and double crosses really gets the blood pumping.
AI Wise, I do enjoy the fact that just like the last game, your sidekicks will provide help but won’t do all of the work which is good. Don’t go thru the game expecting your AI buddy to do all of the killing. You have to get your hands dirty too. Not to mention I LIKE the dialogue (There’s one above you!  There’s one below you! And “You follow all the `hose’) that sometimes just randomly spouts up. Speaking of which, I enjoy how the game’s new characters are introduced with the new faces and old faces and just when you think  you can trust somebody, they turn on you and sometimes back again.
Control wise, I think they have been tweaked somewhat with a few buttons moved and simplified but there is a tutorial that happens in certain sections that show you how to do things. The added `Stealth and takedown” mode really fleshes this out to keep this a run `n gun fest. Speaking of, you have to really plan a lot of your moves in this game especially in the Stealth portions as moving to rashly will almost always end badly for you. The shooting portions are similar to the first and are reminiscent of the GoW series. You can do more blind shooting and you can target your enemy as well and they are indeed smart. They will flank and pin you down if you aren’t careful.
All in all, Uncharted 2 is a top notch adventure game that succeeds where the Tomb Raider games had gone wrong and keeps it fun and interesting without all the frustrating puzzles and fizzle.
5 or 6 chapters in, I am very satisfied playing this game and I can’t wait to try the multiplayer!



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