The Holiday BS is already starting…

I’ve seen on a few sites today that Sony is talking PS3 shortages for the holiday season.    To me this seems like a load of BS a mile and 1/2 long.   the PS3 has been out for 3 years and the Slim has been released.  What does this mean?    It means that Sony has figured out all the manufacturing of the system to allow for high speed production which is what allows a price drop in the first place.  (well and someone playing with the numbers saying that it’s OK now to drop the price.)

So saying NOW there’s going to be a shortage is complete BS.   What this really means is that Sony wants to see a better holiday season so they are telling the public that they can’t get one in order to jack up the ‘want’ and ‘desire’ of the gamer  to entice them to buy.

So don’t say tell the public that there is going to be a shortage.  tell them the truth.

“In order to get you to want to buy a PS3 we are going to hold back some of our inventory this holiday season.  Feel free to beat up the grandma buying an X-Station for her grandson.”

Though I think Sony should come up with their own marketing.. first they where pulling an ‘Apple’ with the PS3.. now they are pulling a Nintendo with the Wii.   And M$.. well they are just sitting back saying HA!  We’ve got HALO.

Marketing sucks!


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