Earth and Beyond Stress Test Servers are ONLINE!

As per: (

The stress test server is going live, soon…. wait, I’m hearing…. NOW? OH SNAP!

Today marks the first day of the stress test’s opening, sorry for the lateness but there were many things that were needed to get done, but finally it is OUT, the stress test is open to every and all people.

This stress test is just like every other one, except many new things in this one, ask around, you may hear a few things, and learn about it.

I know you’re all antsy and ready to go, so I’ll get right to it.

A Working version of ENB (Client) IS required prior to the installation of the launcher. We cannot distribute you links to the client directly, but google’s a good source to look, and maybe some threads here, too for safe measure.

This installer is REQUIRED, IF you have an older install of Net7, DOWNLOADING This WILL Clear your C:\net7 folder and do our fresh install (At the moment this is the ONLY place this will work… Even if your install is on a different drive… sorry, support for different drives will be later on) The launcher WILL replace the once existing patcher, but you have to let it run the updates.

All your previous accounts HAVE BEEN SAVED, so if you were around for ST1/2 you do not need to create another account, and can request your username and password from the signup page.

The only thing we are allowed to distribute is our launcher which will update all the files, and it is a REQUIRED download for THIS STRESS TEST, even if you’ve been to our other ones.

This Setup file will also allow you to install Myatu’s (In my opinion) AWESOME program, that replaces the old configuration for EnB, with a more modern, richer, and more customizable interface for settings and EnB configurating!

Before USING (not installing) the configuration utility, update everything by using the launcher first, after the updates are completed, you may then configure the game. This is a recent problem that arose and the prior is the solution to it.

—New Launcher Download Link—

For those who have NOT signed up yet the download link is right below

—Signup For ST3—

Please turn off your spam filters as our sendmail features may not be allowed through all ISP’s.

Once the launcher loads, please let it patch files, also, you MAY have to (for some ISP’s) use the option to use local cert.
There will be a guide or a self help section here posted by experienced users on how this process works, but for right now I’m exhausted and after 3 hours of setting this up, I’m going to turn in, enjoy the stress test!

The server we’re playing on is

Keep our servers alive guys and donate!!

See you on the other side!


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