Crackdown: A meh game?
Crackdown wasn’t such a success after all. This was the revelation given out by Realtime Worlds boss, Dave Jones. Despite all the grand  posturing about how awesome the game was, in actuality, they only sold enough to break even.

Crackdown - Image 1

"With Crackdown we sold about 1.5 million copies, but even at that we pretty much only managed to break even," said Jones. "It was due to the amount of factors that were out of our control as the developer, influences such as GameStop‘s amazing used-game sales; we know 1.5 million new copies were sold, but it’s likely there were 2.5, three million sold when you include used."
Yeowch. GameStop hurting game devs. Now who would’ve thought.


Economy down! Economy down!

We feel for our UK-based gaming brothers-and-sisters-in-arms. We’ve seen the gaming industry putting them through the financial wringer many times in the past, but a recent report from MCV describes the cruelest economic hardships they’ve ever had to face — Activision has kicked the UK price of Modern Warfare 2 up to £54.99 (close to $90), and according to the report, other publishers may plan to follow suit, raising the prices on their titles as we move into the holiday season.
The price hike is attributed to rising game development costs and the faltering strength of the pound — still, compared to last holiday season, when titles like Prince of Persia and Far Cry 2 hit store shelves for around £40, it’s a pretty sizable leap to make in just one year. However, not everyone is following Activision’s example — Electronic Arts responded to MCV’s report, confirming that it would not increase the RRP of its holiday releases. We’ll see which strategy pays off once the smoke from the holiday shopping season clears.

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