Serious Sam HD One-Liner Contest 

Serious Sam HD

Ever get the feeling that even your kid sister could write snappier one-liners than the Serious Sam developers over at Croteam? Now that Serious Sam HD is headed for Xbox Live Arcade, production company Devolver Digital are willing to let you, your sister, and anyone else who’s interested take a shot at writing a line of dialog for the Serious Sam remake.

How should you go about submitting your lovingly-crafted wisecracks and witticisms? Why, it wouldn’t be a modern gaming contest without Twitter. Aspiring game writers can fire off a tweet to @devolverdigital anytime between today, July 15, and Thursday, July 30. Croteam will evaluate the contributions and announce a winner sometime in early August, and the winning submission will be recorded and added to the XBLA game before its release later this year.

Get to quipping, folks. It’s not every day that the average Joe gets to hear a line of dialog they wrote in a videogame, let alone see their name in the credits of one. 

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