Freaking Sheep…

Source for this rant:

in a new shell for those too lazy to click a link.  The Joystiq article is reporting about an AD campaign that links video game playing with people dying younger.


WHAT?!  Ok, at the top most level there is some logic to that.  If you are so lazy that you never leave the sofa for years on end and just play games.  Ok, you can mess with your body.  But I’ve never known anyone to do that.  8+ hour sessions?  yes.  but weeks?!  no.  (Unless you are a WoW player.. and then you should really get a life and play RoM. 😛 )

And I’ve played a number of games that can get my heart pumping.  a good UT match, Rock Band, Guitar Hero,  even the Wii really kinda forces you to stand up to play most of it’s crappy games.
since when do you just set there for ever?

The thing that scares me the most about this is that some parents are going to believe it.   What’s next?  a warning label to advise people:  1 HR game time is equal to 2300 calories.   OMG!  Timmy just played Battlefront and now needs to exercise for 12 minutesto burn off the fat!   WTF.

Yes doing ANYTHING for too long (yes, even sex you pervs)  can be a bad thing.  You can kill yourself by drinking to much water..  You can kill yourself by eating too much toothpaste. 

But are people so breed to be sheep now you need to be told that sitting on the sofa for to long can mess with you?  Do you need to be told to get up and move around one in a while?     Really, are people becoming that brain dead?


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