First Impressions: Rise of the Argonauts

Ok….I finally got around to it.

Well I really don’t have too much to say about the game but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad score and truthfully it doesn’t deserve some of the scores that I have seen given in the reviews for this game.

For the uninitiated, this game takes on the story telling of Jason and the Argonauts as Jason tries to resurrect his dead wife as told in a great beginning cut scene.

This game is pretty much your standard hack and slash fare which upon playing you may ask yourself why couldn’t Too Human be this way or why wasn’t there a 300 game made based on this?

The controls are pretty straightforward and truthfully, it’s poor man’s God of War.

However what the game lacks in the ‘excitability’ department it makes up in storytelling and even that is a mixed bag. It’s done based on the same ideology of Mass Effect where all the dialogue is spoken and it’s pretty decently done, however, I really wished that the characters didn’t look so static as they talked. And there is a LOT of talking and you can also opt to speed thru some of the dialogue just by pushing the B button.

Graphically speaking, for a non triple A title, it’s a gorgeous game….when you stand still or watch a cut scene, but moving sometimes there is a loss of frame rate and you can see ‘white panels’ where there are no seams (it’s pretty hard to describe unless you are playing it) in some outdoors parts but sometimes it’s pretty unnoticeable.

As far as the sounds, not pretty bad…the music feels like a B rate Greek epic and the sound effects aren’t all that bad for this game.

Overall it’s not a bad game, it’s pretty decent and you can ramp the difficulty up or down as you see fit and it’s not particularly overwhelming. This is a game that you can play at your leisure after the CoDs and GoWs have been played and mastered

Scale of 1 to 4 it gets a 2.5


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