$5 for a Yule Log?


Yeah.. OK.. So over the holiday a new app as introduced as a community game.   It’s a ‘simple’ program that shows fire in a fire place and has some random sound effects to make you believe that it’s a roaring fire right there in your TV.

First I’ve got to give props to ‘SniperED007’ for the coding.  Fire isn’t an easy thing to visualize and code.  let alone adding the little details like realistic smoldering embers and flickering flames.
(though the fire itself could still use some work)

Why this turns into a WTF post is because Sniper (or MS) is CHARGEING $5 for this!!  WTF!

you can’t even move the viewing angle.  Why would I pay $5 for something I can get free off the net, or just watch on TV?  you can/could buy a VCR tape with the same thing!!!!!

But then again at least 8 people bought the $1000 app off the IStore for their Iphones..   Makes me wonder how many people have bought this.




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