The Witcher coming to consoles

About a year ago, we first heard rumblings that CDProjekt’s PC RPG, The Witcher, would be making a trip down to Xbox 360 alley. Now we finally have confirmation that the game will be heading to consoles. Not just to the Xbox 360 but to the PS3 as well.

The game’s console version – dubbed The Witcher: Rise of the Wolf – will sport a new engine, new models, and more polygons compared to the PC original. It’ll also have dynamic stuff up the wazoo: dynamic lighting, dynamic shadows, a more dynamic combat system… the works.

For the PS3 version, SIXAXIS support will be one of the game’s features. Achievements and Trophies will also be supported.

You can find out more about The Witcher’s console versions in the announcement trailer below. The one in the source link is better, but I couldn’t embed it. The vid’s got some cool sword combat sequences, but it looks like it’s all from cutscenes. We’ll have to wait a bit before we see what the new engine is capable of.


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