What can make me stop playing MMO’s….

So I’m into ‘Perfect World International‘  (A FREE MMO currently in open beta.. Rock solid, and a pretty good MMO with GM’s that are ONLINE?!)
and it’s come to my mind that there’s a few reasons that could stop me from playing online games.. it’s not the SPAMMERS (which should DIE)
nor the gold farmers.. or even the morons that like to kill-steal…

its the idiots that that freaking read or don’t want to play the game.

Really, how annoying is it to be in game doing your thing and there’s ALWAYS some ass-hat begging for gold or asking how to find their pets.
like duh? you click on the food like for every other icon to ‘use’ an item?    or ‘where’s this place’  have you even LOOKED at the bloody map?
even to where do you buy equipment?   hmmm. I don’t.. try a vendor?  like a BLACKSMITH? 


The best one was tonight though. Some joke of a gamer can’t figure out where to go for a quest. So me, being the nice guy I am,
thought that I should help this noob out.  So I told it (since you never can be sure of who’s on the other end) No you don’t need
the nets. that comes with the quest.. just go a little north of the Broken Bridge village on the hill and click on the plants.

Now I took the time to READ about this quest and knew where to go.. it’s all laid out pretty clear in the quest log.

and all I get is ‘ok, I follow’ ..  excuse me?  I didn’t state I was going to SHOW you where anything was. 

Really… Why play a game if you aren’t even going to. well. play the game?!


Though.. on Perfect World, I must recommend this game.  Rock solid, great graphics, a lot of ‘depth’ to the game play.. though it is a bit of a grinder.


One thought on “What can make me stop playing MMO’s….

  1. LOL.Im also a player and i find lots of newbs do that. nd if the keep following u just bring the to high lvl place and have a monter kill them and you will never have to see them agian.LOL 🙂

    Best Game Ever
    GO Perfec World GO

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