Star Trek Online NOT Cancelled…

Warcry reports that Star Trek Online has been cancelled. Well, not officially cancelled, but the company that used to be called Perpetual and used to have the license to make Star Trek Online had to give back the license. Some other company could now restart developing the game, but they won’t get any existing code from Perpetual.

Scott Jennings calls it an impossible license. But apparently the reasons for Perpetual giving up the license are less about design possibilities, and more about financial possibilities. Perpetual already cancelled Gods & Heroes which was already in the beta and had pre-order boxes shipped to retailers. And they did some clever legal and financial engineering, including creating a new company, P2 Entertainment, and transferring all their assets including the Star Trek Online license to that new entity. People who were owed money by the old Perpetual sued them over that move. Investors had to write off their investments, as the old Perpetual went bankrupt.

For us players all that just means that we won’t see a Star Trek Online game before 2015, if ever.

[Edit: Rumors have it that the new STO developer will be Cryptic Studios.]

[Via Tobolds]

[1/18/07 Update]

P2 Entertainment To Lay Off Star Trek Online Dev Team Today

P2 Entertainment will officially lay off members of the Star Trek Online development team this afternoon, according to multiple sources at the company. The news comes as no surprise after reports earlier this week that they had suspended development.

In cooperation with P2, Cryptic Studios interviewed members of the Star Trek Online development team at Cryptic’s Los Gatos office Tuesday for positions on unannounced projects. They had no comment on reports that they would take on the game and license.

P2 did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

[Via WarCry]

[06/13/08 Update]

[] is reporting that Cryptic Studios (makers of City of Heros) has a new MMO in the works and will be announced to the public on July 27th. It’s still pure rumor that Cryptic Studios picked up the Star Trek MMO license after Perpetual had to sell it (read above).   However, things are looking up for a possible Star Trek MMO.

[07/28/08 Update]
According to multiple sources around the net it’s official that Cryptic Studios has indeed picked up the Star Trek MMO started by Perpetual entertainment.


7 thoughts on “Star Trek Online NOT Cancelled…

  1. I so hope this is rumour, and not official.

    I have read that Perpetual were in financial difficulty, which lead to the G&H project being scrapped, and developement being shifted to STO, more than likely in the hope that the game would bring in more $$’s than G&H.

    A shame, because it has the potential to be an awesome game, and finally an MMO for all those Trekkies (such as myself) out there.

    “STO Development, The Final Frontier…..”

  2. It’s offical.. STO will not be developed by Perpetual. But I don’t think it’s a dead project by any means. Just a waiting game before it’s told who will be making it.. and, of course, a delay getting it to market.

    oh well.. Stargate worlds looks like it could rock! =)

  3. I guess Pirates of the Burning Sea is looking better by the day as per new MMO’s…. the avatar combat kinda sucks, according to reviewers. I personally didn’t get into the open beta in a timely enough fashion so I missed it… Too bad they’re not offering a trial account type deal yet… I’ll just keep occupied with EVE-Online.

    Star Trek Online was a swell idea and I had followed it since its inception.. I do doubt we’ll see it before DirectX 11.

  4. Haven’t tried PotBS. Not really my cup of tea for that MMO. (never did get into the whole Pirate thing) as for EVE that I did try. Wasn’t impressed. OH well.

    ST:O, I’m not learned much about the gameplay and such yet. I’m waiting for an ‘offical’ post about it. I’m still trying to figure out how you could do something like this and not piss off the trekkies.

    I’d wait for DX10 to really be worth anything before worrying about DX11.. LOL

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