We’re not dead yet…I think I’ll go for a walk now…

Well this is a turn of events.  Even though FlagShip studios has been reported to have closed it’s doors for the past 3-4 days, NOW Bill Roper (CEO to Flagship) has come out saying, We’re not dead yet.. we only needed to layoff most of our workforce.

Though the good news of this story is if you paid for the game; you’re now playing for free, but Flagship is no longer taking new subscribers.

Now what this is telling me is, like I said before, that Flagship bite off more then it could chew.  Promising the world and only delivering about 30% of it.  The game concept was flawed, the execution of the game play was very flawed and the lack of people signing up said that.   Though 1 million subscribers also states that the game was starting to come into its own. 

But the bottom line is all investors know and care about.  they don’t understand how long it can take to make a good game these days because all of us want flashy graphics, real-time Internet support and all these bells and whistles that really don’t mean much of anything but we’ve been programmed to expect it.  Gone are the days where 3 people can make a game to earn enough money to buy a Ferrari.. in a different color.. one for each day of the week.  (yeah Romano.. )

But even with the best game, if you can’t turn around a profit in time in the numbers you’ve promised your investors your game goes down the tube.

So I guess the real question here is what killed Flagship?  Bad Games?  Bad management?  Investors that just didn’t believe in their product anymore?


7/21/08 update:
I’ve not been able to test this yet, but from the reports coming from around the net, the Mythos servers have gone offline…  So not dead yet.. just dying..


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