Guitar Hero: Another sell out…

Metallica, nice band, kinda nitch at the time but had a good strong hard core following.   Then they where like, hmm.. we need some radio play and along comes the black album.   Mostly a sell out for the radio play, and no where near as heavy as the first albums but the music was good and the fans partied.

Then a dark day.. when Metallica thought it a good idea to SUE it’s fans because of file sharing on Napster.  Which lead to a hell of a lot of downloads from Napster, and killing Metallica as a band.  Oh well, as James has been thought to say.. [Napster Bad, Beer Good] (NWS for Language)

Now, Activision is like.. sweet!  another band we can totally take advantage of.  Let’s make:  Guitar Hero: Metallica!

Yes, just like the Aerosmith sellouts Metallica is heading that way also.

though, I would MUCH rather play Metallica then Aerosmith..LOL


2 thoughts on “Guitar Hero: Another sell out…

  1. We’ve got an article about the whole Metallica sell out over at Extreme Listening Mode.

    Check it out and let us know what you think.

    Personally, i think the rot started after the black album.
    St Anger or whatever it was called was the end for me.

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