Microsoft to clean up Xbox LIVE arcade.

According to [EuroGamer], and Xbox LIVE general manger Marc Whitten, Microsoft will be removing under performing (read: Crap) titles from Xbox LIVE.   I wonder why they let the crap on in the first place.  I stated a long time ago that I didn’t pay like $400 for a 360 just to play Pac-Man.


Anyway, Marc stats:

“We will be delisting older underperforming titles in order to keep the service focused on a section of high quality games,” Whitten told [].

“The way it will work is that the title will need to be at least 6 months old and have a Metacritic score below 65 and a conversion rate below 6 percent on the service.”

“We will also give a three-month notice before delisting any title.”

the ‘conversion rate’ mentioned above is the ratio between the people that have downloaded the game VS those that bought it.  But hey, at least you’ve got 3 months before the game get’s wasted and you don’t ‘lose’ it, as long as you’ve got the game downloaded and you don’t need to replace the HD, because you won’t be able to download it again. 


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