Capcom to get into the movie biz…

According to [Bloomberg Japan] Capcom is in talks with Hollywood in order to try to make some of the cash that Marvel is/was seeing from it’s string of movie hits (like Spider man and Xmen).    By making movies from titles like ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Devil May Cry’, and ‘Street Fighter’…

So who at Capcom is blind, and totally forgot that there’s already BEEN 3 Resident Evil movies, and at least 2 Street Fighter movies..  most of the movies pretty much bombed or where just ‘oh-hum’, and when (if ever) was the last time a GOOD movie was created based off a video game franchise? One that kept the feel, and the idea of the game in check, and not went off of some stupid idea the director got.. like Super Mario Brothers.. WTF was that?!

Just because the lead designer(s) are involved doesn’t mean the movie will be any good.. just look at Mortal Kombat (which I own..but only because of the goddess that is Talisa Soto (that’s Kitana.. Princess Kitana to you) )

Just look at the Doom movie.  Really.. now HOW freaking hard must it have been to create a movie about demons rising from hell to take over a military base?! 


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