The Hookers, The Xbox, and everything… has an [interesting article] about a pretty freaking smart 13 year old in Texas that stole his fathers credit card, called the credit company to extend a line of credit, and then took himself and a few pals on a $30,000 shopping spree that ending up with them in a hotel playing Halo with a few $1000 a night ladies of the night.. LOL!

What gets me is this Kid told the prostitutes that he and his friends where ‘little people’ from the circus and since state law doesn’t allow discrimination they had no right to refuse them!   LOL!!!!

on top of that, then the police asked why a 13 year old would want escorts he informed them that he thought it was what you did when you win won a World of Warcaft contest!!

So right there my friends proves that video games don’t cause violence.. it causes 13 year olds to hire hookers and play Halo!  Even at 13 I would have known when to put the game down..LOL


pogowolf And I should have known that this story was fake when a 13 year old would choose HALO over a hot chick willing to give it up.  [GameRush] has reported that this whole thing was a fake and myself and a few other sites (like G4) got just as duped.


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